Sunday, March 5, 2017

With God: Step Out

Your heart was made to be different.
You feel the weight of that now,
But one day you will see the possibilities that distinction gave you, My child.
You are called to reach the world and in you lies amazing potential.
Don't concern yourself with trying to be like others;
You will waste your time chasing after things that will never amount to glory.
Instead focus on the perspective and dreams I give you;
I see far beyond yesterday today and forever and I know how the plans unfold.
You hesitate when you cannot see, when your dependence on me is magnified beyond your control, but you can find peace in your heart by living by my words.
Nothing will bring you closer to what I have in store for you than walking step by step with me.
I know your thoughts. Your worries. Your fears. Your concerns.
I also know your hopes and dreams. Your aptitudes and your goals. Your full capabilities.
And in knowing all this, I have something uniquely carved out for you My child. It is yours for the taking if you take the first step.
Don't be afraid any longer. Step out on the brink of your new horizon. The day awaits. The challenge has been put forth. The warrior has been summoned. Will you trust Me to see it through? Will you trust Me in raw abandon?
The world is yours. Together we can do all things.

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