Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Thirst

I was driving down the road sometime in early February with one of my earthly pleasures in hand. Sipping my most delicious mocha frappe, I thought in prayer Lord, I could get addicted. These things are pretty good. And by pretty good I mean absolutely amazing.
My mind went to my reading material that week and I felt guilty. Hadn't I just read Kyle Idleman's, gods at war...the god of food? As I started to think further, I realized since I had read that section two people had offered me free chocolate at work, doughnuts and bagels had been brought in for breakfast and pizza had been provided for lunch. I had also failed the test by dropping by the store and having to of course buy junk food in case the snow flurries left me stranded again. I couldn’t go without chocolate in an emergency situation. I took another sip.
So good. Like coffee and an ice cream in one. I had only splurged once that week on that type of treat and it was after going to church. It was The Lord’s Day after all. If you couldn't have a treat on the Lord’s Day then when could you?
That hit me harder.
It was the Lord’s Day. Not mocha frappe day. Not please myself day.
Was I putting God first in everything? Was I giving into the modern day idols one sip at a time?
Slrrrrp. But it was so good. Good can't be wrong, can it?
I heard that still small voice.
But does it satisfy my daughter? After this one is gone. Won't you be left wanting another? Wanting more?
I nod with a frown at the drink in my hand. I reluctantly admit the things of this world do not satisfy. Not even coffee.
The Holy Spirit prompts me again. Remember I am the living water. You will never thirst for more if you drink from me.
It was a simple lesson. It came from a silly little treat I liked to indulge myself with, but it represented something much bigger. It represented a heart condition. It was not about giving up good things in life. It was not that coffee was bad, but about my focus and my investments. It was about a hunger and a thirst that could only be satisfied by one thing. It was about living a God First life.
Jesus says, “But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life” (John 4:14 NLT).
What are you chasing after? Don’t be fooled by its appearance, stats, cost, taste, success, power, value or momentary fulfillment. Fill in the blank. You know what gets in your way and in your heart. Restore order and put God first. It may be a mocha frappe today, but it might be your life tomorrow. Are you thirsty?
-Only Hope

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