Saturday, March 4, 2017


Are you going through the motions when it comes to life or are you being moved by something greater in your life?
One of the greatest things I got to do in my working career was be the unofficial chapel dance coach. I loved being able to show young girls that they could use their talent and have fun in a way that honors God. We put on some rocking shows to Toby Mac and the Newsboys and a number of other Christian artists. And I had a blast coming up with the motions before I taught them to the girls. It was like designing a blueprint and then watching it all come together. It didn’t matter the talent level or the ages, it only mattered that they gave their all. They performed the motions together to make a complete picture and to bring glory to Christ. Everybody was in. Everybody did their part. And in the end, an awesome dance routine came together.
I kept asking God to put a subject on my heart this week and He kept bringing me back to one word—motion. I couldn’t seem to shake it from my vocabulary. It was in a song at church with the lyrics, “You are the one that set it all in motion. Yours is the glory!”
We also have “Motion Night” every second Wednesday that allows students to grow closer to God and I volunteered at my first one this week; so maybe the phrase isn’t entirely coincidental, but still I always want to connect it to something.
I looked up “motion” in the dictionary and came up with this definition, “the action or process of moving or being moved.” I love those last two words. Let me ask you—have you been moved lately? Have you been stirred deep inside by something much greater than you? Are you in sync with the motion all around us; in us?
We have so much motion in our lives but do we have motion in our hearts? We get so busy chasing after trivial things and not after a heart that created us from the inside out with a love so deep and so wide.
Another definition states motion is, “any movement or change in position.” A lot of us acknowledge the presence of God without ever changing our posture or our lifestyles. A life with Christ takes change—He brings us from where we were to so much more. He sets us in motion!
And how can we talk about motion without bringing in Sir Isaac Newton and the three laws of motion? Allow me to go a little nerdy.
  1. An object in rest tends to stay in rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion.
Is your heart in motion to the beat of God or is at rest? How about your quiet time? Your life as a whole?
  1. Acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass. Or in other words it takes more force to push something that is heavier.
Is your life, your past, your present full of something heavy that is weighing you down? It may just take a healthy dose of spiritual force to move you in the right direction.
  1. For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.
Every choice you make in your life has and equal and opposite reaction. What you set in motion will continue until something changes.
My point in all of this: Everything is in motion. Everything in creation moves, but what is it that moves you?
Are you going through the motions when it comes to life or are you being moved by something greater in your life? Are you apart of the dance? Join in and do your part and remember Love is a movement.
Acts 17:28--For in Him we live and move and have our being.
-Only Hope—Set your heart in motion.

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