Saturday, March 4, 2017


He extends a personal invitation through wounded palms and compassionate suffering. He calls all of us to live by faith, believe miracles are possible and relate to Him in a very personal way. 
Recently I had been questioning God’s goodness; something I didn’t want to admit even to Him. It would seem strange that I could believe in God most of my life and still question His character but it was like I had hit a wall. I couldn't personally see the way God was working in my life and I fell into a numb state. It was like something was blocking me from seeing.
My right eye has bothered me for years but I was terrified at the thought of yet another surgery and especially one on my eye. I put it off time and time again but unfortunately time caught up with me. It wasn't something I wanted to do but I had to put my trust in the One who holds the outcomes and not the circumstances.
Several doctors’ visits later, we got the news that we were in fact looking at surgery. It was what I expected and I took it pretty well until it settled in the next day and I panicked. Fighting nerves all day I decided to take a walk and talk to God and a curious thing happened—I got a peace that was out of this world.
An even stranger thing occurred as the days till surgery slipped by—that peace lasted. Fear is something that has plagued my heart in the past, but it seemed anytime my mind tossed up a “what if” or “worry”, it hit an invisible shield and fell into the graveyard of forget.
I have had to trust God for a lot of things in my life, but I haven’t always done so willingly or gracefully. I usually fight it. This time I actually experienced what it felt like to allow faith to completely carry me. I wasn’t just trusting God, I was fully experiencing His peace and power.
Support and encouragement poured in from my friends, church group and family. People that God had even just recently put in my life were pillars of strength along the journey. My church started a series called “Miracles”. It seemed God was aligning everything into a miracle of His own. And through all the people in my life who reached out, I saw a different side to both God and people. It was love from God through His people and I felt blessed.
On the morning of surgery I flipped through my Bible and it landed on Hebrews Chapter 11. The name of the section made me smile. I knew it well—it was titled, “By Faith.” I thought about the miracles we had studied at church lately and all the times Jesus had showed up in a big way when someone needed Him throughout His ministry on Earth and it hit me—they really weren’t just stories from long ago; they were applicable today. Right now. To me.
My time flipping through the scriptures was a lesson to holding onto the power of faith. There were stories everywhere of God’s majestic triumph and victory and I myself was living in one. I believed that I would come through the surgery successfully and find freedom forever after.
God had made this surgery journey personal to me and I think He does the same for all of us on the cross. He extends a personal invitation through wounded palms and compassionate suffering. He calls all of us to live by faith, believe miracles are possible and relate to Him in a very personal way. We can’t just read about miracles, we must live by them and know that they change everything. We are a part of the greatest miracle of all—the Resurrection.
These lyrics keep coming to my mind after this surgery and I love them.
Oh I can SEE You now
Oh I can SEE the LOVE in Your Eyes
Laying Yourself Down
Raising Up the Broken to Life 
Take this heart Lord.
I'll be your vessel.
The world to SEE your love in me. (“Broken Vessels” (Amazing Grace) by Hillsong Worship)
Through stitches under my eye and a wooden cross—I can see it now. Allow God to operate on your eyes and open yourself up to the miracles around you! I know I’m a little late but Happy Easter everyone! Matthew 28:6—“He is not here; He has risen, just as He said!”
Only Hope—Cling to the old Rugged Cross!
Thank you to everybody who prayed, supported and encouraged me during my surgery. I am on the mend! #Miracles

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